NO Hardware To Install!
DTV4PC's proprietary software technology plugs you directly into hundreds of worldwide LIVE digital television channels right over the Internet. Enjoy more channels than cable and satellite TV combined for a one-time fee less than one month of either of those services.

Imagine watching 1,056 live television channels whenever you want, wherever you want all at the convenience and comfort of your desktop or laptop computer!

Unlock The TV Hidden Inside Your PC
Turn your PC into a complete Digital Entertainment Center. Only an Internet connection is required. No hardware to install. No hacking or signal stealing. 100% legal. And the best part, once you have bought the software, you have nothing else to pay. Ever! Download DTV4PC and enjoy instant access to thousands of hours of live television programming from around the world.

A few channels out of the hundreds & hundreds available to you!

What is DTV4PC?
Our software technology leverages the power of our playback engine and proprietary entertainment database to connect you directly to hundreds of live digital television channels from across the world. Access to these channels is completely free, allowing you to watch all you want, wherever you want whenever your PC is connected to the Internet. All at no extra cost!

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     Get MORE with DTV4PC!
  • Free Automatic Channel Updates
  • Works Anywhere in The World
  • Watch Full-Screen
  • No subscriptions, Pay-Per-View
    or Recurring Fees


What People Are Saying About DTV4PC
Even though DTV4PC has only been available for a short time, we have received a lot of great feedback from scores of customers. Here are a few examples of what some DTV4PC users are saying:

"A lot easier to install than I thought.
I was watching live TV on my PC in minutes. Impressive."

Louis M. - Sacramento, Ca

"It's nice to be able to watch my favorite shows while I'm away on business..."
Timothy J. (working in Paris, France)

"There is always something interesting on.from all over the world."
Annette G. - Beaumont, TX

"American TV programs are worse than I thought. Happy to finally see for myself though."
Jens H. Frankfurt - Germany


      More than 30 channels showing baseball, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, auto
      racing and more. Get premium American and European sports channels like ESPN,
      Fox Networks, Star Sports and more.
  • Watch headline fights like ultimate fighting, mixed martial arts, wrestling and boxing for free
  • Get top professional games from major American and European sports league

     DTV4PC Delivers More Than Sports!

Check out some of the programming you get when you download DTV4PC:
  • News
  • Music Videos
  • Kids' Channels
  • Educational Channels
  • Home Shopping
  • Weather
  • Movies
  • Talk Shows
  • Movie Trailers
  • Local Channels

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy anything else to access 1,000+ live channels on my PC?
No! DTV4PC software and an Internet connection is all you need.

Are there subscriptions fees or recurring payments?
No. Just pay a small one-time fee, download and start watching broadcasts from around the world for free.

Can I install DTV4PC on my laptop?
Yes, you can! Install DTV4PC on your laptop and watch live television from around world anywhere you travel.

Can I watch local channels with DTV4PC?
Yes, you can! DTV4PC comes featured pack with local, national and International programming.

Does DTV4PC only work in North America?
No. DTV 4 PC works anywhere and everywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

DTV4PC is committed to providing you with a complete Digital Entertainment solution. As such, we have leveraged the popularity of our DTV4PC product to provide you with a package of free bonuses that raises your entertainment experience to a much higher level. Check them out:

Digital Radio Player

FREE access to over 1,000 radio stations from
around the world!
Live TV
Browser Plug-in

Get Live TV, feature-length movies, your favorite music & more - right from your browser!

DTV4PC: Our Commitment To You
After almost 2 years and too many development hours to count, we have created DTV4PC! It's powerful and easy-to-use. With all the thousands of stations available worldwide, we actually have a staff dedicated solely to finding the stations we think you'd like to see. We give you a great selection of the "best of the best" out there.

We also designed DTV4PC with an automatic live channel update feature that allows us to update your channels remotely, always providing you with new channels to watch. We constantly find new live channels and remove channels that are no longer in operation, saving you the trouble. We guarantee that your DTV4PC channels will be fresh and updated for years to come.